West Walker River
Fishing Report
By Sam Foster
Pickle Meadow
Along hwy 395
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This page was last updated on: August 22, 2019
Fishing Report     
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One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset Night fishing is prohibited in Mono County
For 2019
Saturday July 6 and  
Saturday August 31
On these days only no LICENSE is required
DFW.  Hatchery Status and Stocking Objectives:
Fish Springs Hatchery production was increased in 2008 to meet stocking objectives for Mono County waters. Mono County allotment from DFW has been increased by 65,000 pounds of trout in 2008. DFW is also adjusting the stocking frequency to a weekly schedule.
Heavy snow pack or high runoff may delay some of the stocking in the early part of the season.
West Walker River   (Excellent)
Eastern Sierra offers the best trout fishing of the year at this time, (June - Oct) when action on other waters are slowing down and getting tough, action on the West Walker enters in to its prime as the water level has dropped. Fish are hungry and will hit on most anything that hits the water. (bait, lures and flies) Fishing this time of year is EXCELLENT!!
Fishing here in the spring is on the slow side (May) the water is high and has color. Your level of skill will be tested this time of the year, the more experience fishermen will not have any problem catching  nice size trout .
The West Walker is best known for its trophy size Rainbow trout (2# to 7#), a small population of German browns and plenty of 8" to 12" Rainbows. Mono County puts a load of Alper trout in monthly and the Northern Mono Chamber also  plant the Alper trout from 2# to 7# range.
Little Walker :  Good  
This small river is near the junction of Hwy 108 & 395 and has a good population of  rainbow trout. DFG stocks here throughout the season. 
( Catching 8" to 12" ) 
Pickle Meadows:  Good
On Hwy 108, Wading & Casting are easy in this area. This is a great place for kids when the runoff has subsided. There are some nice pools and a lot of area to fish here so you can take a little walk and have all the room in the world. These fish will hit pretty much anything that hits the water.
 Fish in this area are on the small side 8 to 12" but plenty of them.
 Walker Bridge
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"How to Catch, Revive, and Release"
  Two items that are crucial to catch and release fishing are barbless hooks and a soft net. A hard nylon net removes the slime that protects the fish from disease. Barbless hooks can be removed easily without harming the fishing. 
   Land the fish as quickly as possible, the longer you fight a fish, the more acid builds up in its system.
   Whenever possible do not take the fish out of the water.
A fish should not be out of the water for more than 20 seconds.
   Never squeeze the fish. Always cradle it in your hand. If you cradle it upside-down it will become disorieted and not flop around as much.
   Always wet your hands before touching the fish. Never use a rag, as this will also remove the protective slime. Never touch the fish's eyes or gills.
   Gently remove the barbless hook. The hook must come out the same way it went in. Never rip the hook out. If the fish swallows your hook, clip the line at the mouth. If the fish is bleeding, it will not survive.
   Revive the fish by holding it faced into the current. 
this re-oxgenates the fish, replacing the hydrogen in the blood
   Make sure the fish is bresthing before you leave it.
Respect and Responsibility
 When Fishing the waters of the Sierra, Please remember to leave your fishing area cleaner than you found it.   
 Please respect and protect our mountains and water and help preserve their beauty by not littering.
Make sure that you are familiar with the Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations for the water that you are fishing.
There are many special regulations on different waters throughout the Sierra. 
It is the responsibility of the Angler to know what those regulations are for the body of water that you are fishing.
On March 1 2014 the West Walker River will be open
from the Walker Bridge down stream to Topaz Lake for 
Catch and Release, Only Arifical Lures with barbless hooks may be used
The Little Walker and Pickle Meadows will not open early.
 They will open the last Saturday of April.
West Walker will Open from November 16th through the Friday preceding the last Saturday in April 
 will open for Catch and Release, Only Arificial Lures with Barbless Hooks, may be used 
The normal season is the last Saturday in April through November 15th. this will not change.
West Walker River is now Year Round Fishing
West Walker River
Derby in July
Chamber & Mono County
Trophy Stocking 
Schedule week of

County First week of July  

County Third week of July 

Chamber Second week of August

DFW Stocking
Schedule week of 
April 4/24

8/18 West & Little Walker

week of 9/1

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Flow has drop to 125cfs. Looks like DFG  will start stocking the West Walker and the Little Walker Starting the week of Aug. 18